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Top 10 Annual Dinner Themes

It’s time to plan your company’s annual dinner but you’re overwhelmed with choices? We get it. Annual dinner themes are absolutely limitless! It can be as crazy as a pajama party or to stay classy with a black tie theme.

The main factors involved when deciding a theme would be the type of dinner being held and the guests that will be invited to the event. While a casual dinner or internal party can be more creative, it may be more appropriate to have a theme that everyone can be comfortable for a social or business setting.

In deciding a foolproof theme, we’ve come up with a list of Top 10 Annual Dinner Themes so you can’t go wrong!

1. Hollywood/Oscar

A highly requested theme for an award-giving night. This theme not only exudes class and sophistication, it realises one’s fantasy of being at the Oscars! With a tuxedo and a dress, your guests will easily be able to dress for the theme (if they’re not already ready for it!).

The venue should be adorned with Oscars’ classic gold and black with two statues standing tall. You may use the Hollywood theme interchangeably but remember to splash the event with blockbuster movies and to highlight the Walk of Fame.

Our personal favourite addition to this theme would be the flashing lights of paparazzi while your guests walk by. Say cheese!

2. Masquerade

A mysterious costume themed ball that was held historically for members of the upper class men during marriages or dynastic events of the time.

Photo by form PxHere

While the delicate masks worn hides the identity of a person, it was also a form of expression through colours andpatterns of that individual. A great way for your guests to flaunt their creative side.

The venue would be decorated with masks, feathers, ruffles and the architecture of the Renaissance.

Photo by form PxHere

BONUS: To bring it up a notch, the theme could be more specific and relatable to your guests such as The Phantom of the Opera. With that, the focus will turn to opera houses, mysterious passages and to Christine Daae’s room.

3. Arabian Night/Bollywood

Photo by form PxHere
Photo by pxfuel

A dazzling night playing with wonderful bold colours, this theme brings out the playful yet luxurious side of Middle Eastern culture. This is one theme where we’re not afraid to mix more than three colours; in fact, the more the better! Filling the room with an abundance of music and a troupe of belly dancers, you’ll be transporting your guests to Arab on a flying carpet in no time!

Photo by pxfuel

While Arabian Night and Bollywood has a similar burst of colours, they have their very own distinctive features that sets them apart. From art form to motifs, it will be replaced to suit the theme. Play the music right, and you might just get your crowd leaping from one foot to another!

4. Futuristic

Image by tunnelmotions from Pixabay

If it’s one thing we human obsess, it will be what the future beholds. The beauty of this theme is that nobody knows!This is your one chance to mould the future and make it come true.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi on Flickr
Photo by Pxhere

The most common futuristic features have neon lights illuminating the room and shiny reflective surfaces. Your guests may dress the part with metallic garments and funky hairdo. Foyer activities may include VR games and simulators that represents our journey to the future. If your budget allows, you may raise truss and have elevated decors. You can even realise your Wawasan 2020 dreams of having a flying car!

5. Diamond/Glitz Glam

A remarkably versatile theme as there are no limitations to colours. This works well when incorporating your company colours into the theme while the common colours – blue and silver, silver and gold – would be an elegant touch for VIP guests.

Some may combine the theme with another such as Denim & Diamonds to bring it down a notch and make it casual. One way or another, always shower décor with diamonds and MORE diamonds!

6. Casino/007

Photo by form PxHere

Can’t go to Vegas? We’ll bring Vegas to you, baby! Think poker chips, solitaire cards and champagne. Don’t worry,
a casino theme does not necessarily need to involve gambling. The city – I mean the venue will be decorated with casino palette of black, red and green. This will be the night where one fulfils their God of Gambling or James Bond movie fantasy.

Photo by Themeplus on Flickr
Photo by form PxHere

With the performances, you’ve plenty of choices to choose from as let’s not forget, Vegas is also a city of entertainment.You may go with a classic theme of cabaret dance and magicians, or LED dancers and pyrotechnic spinners!

7. Carnival/Circus

Our personal favourite theme even after all this years! We’ve all been to a circus but the circus magic will always continue to mesmerize. A simple fun and colourful theme that would get everybody in the mood to party, be it dressing up or a casual get together.

We’ve got carnival games and prizes lined up for your guests along with sweet treats of cotton candies, popcorn and cupcakes. Where the venue allows, aerial performances will recreate the enticing ambience of a circus.

For a dress up theme, you can bring your guests back to the 1960s when carnivals were the talk of the town.

8. Retro theme

Closely related to the theme above, one of the crowd favourites would be Retro. While most people implies that retro theme is of the 1970s, retro may be an imitative style of any decade. The most popular retro decade would be the 1920s (that’s your Gatsby!), 1960s and the 1970s. For ease of your guests, the fashion from 1960s onwards would be much easier to dress.

To really bring out this theme, the details of the event will have to reflect the chosen decade. Carnival games willsimilarly be proposed as foyer activity. For a nice touch, make the theme relatable to your guests with a Malaysianretro theme. A gift bag of batu seremban and Malaysian snacks will bring them back to their childhood in a jiffy.

9. Great Gatsby

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

A theme made famous by the movie is worth a mention on its own. While similarly a retro of a decade, the 1920s fashion involves beads, hats, and looser fitting garments. The Roaring Twenties, a decade which reflects the economic growth and prosperity of the United States, you best bet their parties will be full of live and luxury.

Photo by pxfuel

The most notable designs that reflects the 20s would be the gold double strip frame. The ladies would be adorned with beads, feathers and shimmery dresses. Fill the night with jazz music and dancing maidens, you’ll be the host of the decade!

10. Superhero

Photo by pxfuel

Either a DC, Marvel or any universe, you decide! Dive into a realm where you get to decide what superpowers you own. Will you be the villain or the saviour of the city?

Image by G Lopez from Pixabay

For a comic experience, pop art designs will be used to really honour where it all started. Vibrant abstract colours will create a fun and playful ambience. However, if you’re going for more live action superheroes, take the futuristic inspirations from the Avenger’s headquarters or even Tony Stark’s home to build your own lair for when you need to hide your identity.

You may put the superheroes’ abilities to test and have them compete in archery, speed and dexterity with mini games curated for the theme.

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