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To plan a successful event, execution is key!

Event management and event planning is a passion of ours. We are committed to provide the best experience to our clients with our event management service. Our event management services are tailored to adapting our client's needs.

La Memoria started out as an event decorator to create beautiful memories for our clients. In order to give a wholesome experience, we’ve also ventured into managing the event from A-Z to tick one more item off our client’s checklist.

We’re involved in the event planning from the get-go and we make sure everything will be executed as planned on the event day. This includes registration, game master, programme cue and performances to be carried out smoothly and on time.

La Memoria has extensive experience in event managing and planning dozens of corporate events. With our event management experience, we guide our clients to ensure the event is carried out according to the timeline and providing effective solutions based on the criteria given.

La Memoria makes your events special, memorable and professional. Talk to us about your upcoming event and let us personalise an event for you today!

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    Back To School Theme

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